Grease 13th - 17th December 2016
 Regal Theatre Redruth, 01209 216278

Grease is set in Rydell High School in America and takes a light hearted look at the lives of its students - young people who for the moment can enjoy dating, dancing and dancing contests, and flashy motor cars, in their hope that summer days will never end.

But graduation is to come, and with it the realisation that these same young people will mature into adulthood, look for jobs and lead a more settled life. Romance is strong at Rydell, and the story centres on Sandy and Danny for whom the path of true love hardly runs smooth. Will it be 'together forever'- well maybe. The music effectively captures the boisterous nature and glamour of student days and the show was a smash hit when it first appeared in America.

RAOST first performed this show in 1987 and look forward to returning to Rydell High.

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